ArcGIS ScaleBar breaks Javascipt ( .NET ADF )

BUG CODE : NIM046443

When adding ScaleBar to web page with Master Page, you’ll get your javascript being broken.

Solution :
Based on and  , simply set RenderOnClient=”false” on your ScaleBar control.

It works on mine, I hope it works on yours too.
Good Luck!

2 responses to “ArcGIS ScaleBar breaks Javascipt ( .NET ADF )”

  1. Hi, I am trying to activate Schematics in ArcGIS Server’s
    Capabilities. After I click “Save and Restart” button, it throw an
    error message :
    “Schematic Server Extension is not supported with the current license.”

    What license are needed for using schematics?
    And how I check if my ArcGIS Server using Basic, Standard, or Advanced license?

    PS : I am using ArcGIS 10.2.2 & win 7

    1. I am sorry, I am forgot ans not using ArcGIS anymore.

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